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Spring Time

Absolutely beautiful print and the square diamonds are great. Great variety of prints to choose from and love that it is an Australian company. Very quick delivery.

Custom Diamond Painting
samantha street

Bought this for my daughter and she loved it!!! Shuffler turned out amazing in the daughter found it very rewarding and therapeutic in the making.....loved the process and will be ordering more!!

Beautiful Tulips
Rina Lekkas

Bought this to make for a friend’s birthday gift. Threads were ample, the colours were amazing and overall a pleasure to make. Am now on my next project!

Custom Diamond Painting
Cheryl stevens

Thankyou for the great job transforming my photo into diamond dots it looks just like them

Picture perfect

I am very happy with this picture. The colours were spot on. Can't wait for my next one

Absolutely Stunning

The detail on this is outstanding… loved every second of completing it

Abstract Music Guitarist

I had so much fun doing this project! This was my first proper project after doing a couple of cheap 30x30 prints from a local market. I was inspired to try a much bigger canvas (50x70) and tried out square drills. Some of the drills were undersized and it took some time to get used to placing them straight (the checkerboard technique worked a treat!), but ultimately a deeply satisfying activity and I was thrilled with the end result.
Thank you!

Full Drill - 5D DIY Diamond Painting Cute Dolphins in the Sea

This was my first Diamond painting kit and overall I am happy with the quality of the product.

There are a few negatives i do want to point out :
- The comfort grip for the drill pen was to big and just slid of so I couldn't use it.
- For two of the colors lots of the little diamond bits where stuck together and hard to separate.
- Although the canvas and its printing is good quality some of the symbols used are very close together in appearance. For instance uppercase B an d lower case e are very similar and you need to concentrate hard not to mix them up.

Very happy with my second purchase, quality amazing. Will be purchasing more from you. Thanks.

Koalas &Parrots

A beautiful print, looks stunning.
Didthis for a friend & will be dong one for myself.
Thanks Needle work.
love you guys,

Wonderful Universe

I am a 73 year old lady and this craft has been my sanity since last year . I found this beautiful" Planets" and it has taken me 3 weeks of 4 to.5 hours a day to complete . This I did at midnight last night .
.At this moment it is not framed . But will be soon .
Thank you Needlework kits for getting this to me fast . And now I cannot wait for my other orders to arrive . This was the first I have done in the Square Dotz, and although they took a while to get used to I have to say I am very happy with them, but still prefer the round Dotz . This my personal preference only. You have a wonderful selection of crafts and I thank you so much . Regards Shirley .

Disney Crew - Full Drill Diamond Painting
Debbie Torpey

I love your diamond art can you pack it

New Arrival Hot Sale Beach Summer Diamond Painting AF9023
Sue Maunder

New Arrival Hot Sale Beach Summer Diamond Painting AF9023

A big but rewarding project

With each dot added this project comes alive to the point where it is hard to stop to go to bed. I am about a third of the way and really enjoying the complexity and challenges of this project

7 Multi-Placer Pen
Mrs. Gwen Strobridge
broom like

great to use with the Dots

Quick delivery & very nice artwork

Having a wonderful time doing this one, very happy with your service and quality of canvases, still have two more to do.

Lovely Wolves

A lovely kit. Great shading. Coming alive as I work it. A lovely picture that will look great on our wall. Recommend it.

Girl and her dragon

Excellent service

Full Drill - 5D Diamond Painting Kits Cute Birds on the Flower Blanches
Josephine Bertram

I still have not received my item although you stated it had been delivered.
I am really looking forward to starting it and hope it has not gone astray.


Beautiful drills and my girlfriends daughter loved it

Best ever

I think your product is fabulous

Excellent service - my future "go-to"

I have been very impressed by both the service and the product. This has been my first foray into diamond painting and I love it! Having done a lot a research beforehand, I discovered that poured glue was preferable to the double-sided adhesive... and I was delighted to recieve my 'poured glue' canvas. I have also loved the huge range of art to choose from along with greater choice in sizes for each.

As to the service... it has been so refreshing to actually be well-informed without being overwhelmed by promotional emails. Because of the Christmas holidays and other factors, one of my orders has been heavily delayed. However, the regular communication around the 'whys and wherefores' with information about expected delivery dates, meant that I knew I hadn't been forgotten and have been happy to wait. Service makes all the difference when deciding to go back again.
As a result, I have chosed to use Needlework Kits as my first preference in future.
Thank you :-)